Posted by: Rocky | March 3, 2010


I was thinking about doing a top 10 greatest House Music Videos of all time but I decided to just put up videos I thought were cool.  House music videos are highly underrated as works of art.

“Discopolis” by Lifelike and Kris Menace

What makes this video good?  Simplicity.  It clearly illustrates every house music lovers desire to have a sick waterfront condo in Greece/Brazil/Ibiza and this video gives us a slow motion tour of the property with a beautiful young lady.  House music videos are obsessed with the scantily clad female but can often be excessive due to the use of quick cuts and bright colors.   This video holds every shot just long enough.  The beach pad, the girl, the pool, the moon.  What else is there?

“Signatune” by DJ Medhi (T.Bangalter Edit)

God I love this video.  French weirdness meets the classic “rising to a challenge” story.  Great song too.  Enjoy.

“I Remember” by Deadmau5

Another classic house music fantasy: the perfect rave.  This video sums it up.

“Leave the World Behind You” by the Swedish House Mafia

Many house music videos consist of footage from that dj’s recent tour.  This video is different.  It creates an atmosphere of excitement; the excitement of visiting a new city, of hearing a great song for the first time, of going to a great club.  When this video ended, I wanted to go to Miami.  The song is amazing as well.

Most of these songs/videos were brought to my attention by my friend Brendan Lachaal.  Thank you Brendan.  Rio 2014


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