Posted by: Rocky | February 16, 2010

The Mighty Boosh

Recently finished the BBC Series The Mighty Boosh and absolutely loved it!  Some characters/quotes I enjoyed:

Bob Fossil (Addressing children): Why are you people so small? I can rest my drinks on your heads.


Kodiac Jack: Listen, boy. Have you ever had your scrotum pulled off by a mountain goat and seen him sell it on eBay a day later? Howard: No. Kodiac Jack: Have you ever been rohypnolled by a swan and ended up in Cancun? Howard: No. Kodiac Jack: Have you ever been to a key party with a herd of rhinos? Howard: No. Kodiac Jack: Well, I have. And it ain't perty!


Lucian: Some say he's half man, half fish. Others say its more of a 70/30 split. Whatever the percentage, he's one fishy bastard. Colin: Some say he's a ghost; can't catch what don't exist... Hook goes right through him. Lucian: Some say he's acquired the taste of human meat, won't respond to conventional bait; only way to hook him is to use a child's toe. The Moon: Some say Old Gregg is like a big fish finger, but big like, umm... like a garage. As big as a garage. Imagine a fish finger as big as a garage! Oooh, it's a big one


Tony Harrison: Feel my multi-hexagonal textured alien barbed penis!



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