Posted by: Rocky | November 18, 2009


I have just recently entered the world of blogs. The first blog I started following religiously was Roger Ebert’s blog, which I began reading this summer. I have always been an Ebert fan, ever since I was given a copy of his 100 Great Movies for Christmas when I was 15. His website ( is one in my short rolodex of websites I visit daily (the others being The Buffalo News,, and ESPN Soccernet). I also recently stumbled onto a blog called An Affordable Wardrobe (  This blog analyzes traditional fashion as well as describes the writers love for finding high quality clothing at ridiculously cheap prices (one of my favoite hobbies).  He also provides links to many other good blogs which call for a return to simple, high quality clothing.   I really enjoy reading about the history of the “ivy style” fashion.  Reading these blogs made me want to start one, especially because my opinions and ideas are of much greater value than everyone elses, and all of the ignorant fools should learn from me.   I thought the focus of my blog would be film?, which is what I know the most about, and then meander into whatever I am interested in at the time. Hope you enjoy.  I will also be doing a quote of the day as the sub-heading of the blog.  Todays quote you may remember from the holiday classic, Home Alone.  I am ridiculously excited for holiday movie season to start, more about this later.


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